Share Curete Posts On Your Social Media Today!

We are excited to announce that as of February 14th, 2022 we will be starting a new social media campaign for stylists aimed at increasing sales! Each day we will post a featured style on our Facebook that stylists can then share to their own profiles! 

To share a post you see on your News Feed:

  1. Below a post, click Share in the bottom right.
  2. Select where you want to share the post. Depending on the post's privacy settings, you may see the following options:
    • Share Now: The post will be shared to your News Feed and timeline with your current privacy settings.
    • Share to News Feed: You can customize the post (example: add a description) before you share it. If the post includes a link, you can choose to share the link by itself, or click next to Include Original Post to keep the text from the original News Feed post.
    • Share to Your Story (Custom): The post will be shared to your story with your current story privacy settings.
    • Send in Messenger: Choose the friend or group you want to send a private message to, then click Send.
    • Share to Group: Type the group name and add a description, then click Post.
    • Share to a Friend's Timeline: Type your friend's name, then click Post.
    • Share to a Page: You can only share to a Page you manage. Click the dropdown menu to select the Page, then click Share.

In addition to sharing social media posts, we would also like to remind all stylists that there is a social media component included in your Stylist Dashboard that will allow you to create your own links to items that you can then post on Social Media. When a customer clicks and buys, you will receive your full commission, no matter when the sale occurs!  

If you would like additional information about your stylist link you can read more on our previous update by clicking here

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