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An entirely new way to experince luxury fashion.
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Curete is a new, highly personalized way to shop luxury fashion.

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We are dedicated to presenting our clientele with the most curated, private shopping experience.

Curete is a new, highly personalized way to shop luxury fashion. We believe that fashion is a feeling, and we want those who experience Curete and the unique Collections we present to feel confident, comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly, cared for.

Our Stylists are dedicated to presenting our clientele with a highly curated and private shopping experience. This element of customization through curation is essential to us, and it is what differentiates us from other shopping venues. This dedication to our specialized shopping solution is the cornerstone of our brand.

Our collections truly represent every lifestyle; daytime casual dressing, cocktail and special occasion, elevated sportswear, suiting and sophisticated separates, soft-dressing, and luxe athleisure. Curete’s purposefully inclusive assortments are thoughtfully curated from premium fashion brands, which are then merchandised into our seasonal sample-sets.

The fashion Stylist who joins Curete is looking for the freedom to own and operate her own business on her own terms. Curete offers that opportunity, along with a turn-key business solution that encompasses the support and infrastructure a small business requires to grow.

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Shop exciting assortments thoughtfully curated from premium fashion brands.
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“The other competing direct networking companies can’t match the multi-brand experience Curete provides”
“I was happy to not have to waste my time and my customers’ juggling trying to organize multiple events with different brands when Curete does it all for me”

About Curete Brand Partners

Curete is an incredible opportunity for new brands to build a new and more robust following. Curete is a new channel where fashion is sold the way it was designed to be sold; by people who genuinely care about the product and their customers.

Given the current conditions, our partner brands have found that Curete is a much-needed alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail setting. Curete answers the demand for a more personalized experience driven by personal stylists in a direct-to-consumer channel like no other.

A message from Debbie Donahoe, President of Sales

“Come join the Curete family of Stylists, and be a part of the newest and most exciting company in the world of fashion”

What The Stylists Are Saying

Curete reminds us of  an exotic spice shop.  One brand or collection  is hot &  spicy like ginger and curry, another classic and soft like vanilla, and another as comfortable as  cinnamon sticks on a cold, blustery day.  Our clients'  fashion needs and styles are as unique as their personalities.  Curete's concept of selecting the perfect mix of designer brands has provided me with a platform to bring a variety of styles and options into the dressing room.

- Madeleine Crump

Curete has an amazing concept offering a diverse collection from top designers that I am able to present to my clients.  The Collection is carefully curated to include garments for every walk of life.  The relationship formed with my clients is personal and built from honesty, integrity and trust, as well as, excellent customer service from the company. Curete affords me the opportunity to be a professional with flexible work hours while working from the comfort of my home.

- Margaret Palmer

From pj's to black tie, truly!  Curete has it all! The collections offer something for everyone and every lifestyle.  It IS the way to shop.....personal one on one appointments allowing our customers individualized time and a uniquely private shopping experience.  We have been in direct sales for over 20 years and Curete represents luxury fashion like no other!

- Cathy Mackey & Cassy Lacy

All of my clients are contacting me, saying they love their clothes and they love this type of trunk show.

- Martha McDaniel
“It’s like having my very own fashion boutique”
“There’s truly something for everyone with the many different assortments in the Curete Collection”

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